Rules you should follow when it comes to choose a three way partner

Having a steamy hot threesome must has been on the top fantasy list of a mass number of open minded guys as well as girls. However, when it comes to planning to have a threesome in real life, most people get stuck on the very first step: finding a three way partner. How exactly can swingers who are living a swinging lifestyle to find someone compatible to have fun with?

Thanks to one of the most successful online dating sites catering only to couples seeking women, women seeking couples as well as open minded swingers who are into threesome dating, bisexual dating, kinky dating as well as wife sharing, we have finally the luck to read the most effective ways and rules to find a perfect match to fulfill your threesome fantasy.

An idea like this must has already come to your mind: can I invite someone that I know to the threesome journey? Well, technically, of course you can, however, for most of us out here looking for a three way partner, it can be a little bit tricky. Because having someone you or your partner acquainted with can make the most chill person out of control because of jealousy. No strings attached is the number one rule when it comes to having a threesomes as a couple and bring someone that you know can possibly ruin your relationship in an unexpected way.

However, if you do have someone suitable in mind, make sure everyone in this three way relationship is on the same page. Also, ask yourself the questions below can be of great help: Has he or she ever made an offhanded comment that would ever insinuate that he or she is a jealous person? Is the person we are going to get intimate with cool with this, or is he or she expecting more than some physical intimacy? Can we handle this mature enough if ever someone gets jealous? It is strongly advised to make a whole list of preoccupations of yours and answer them with your partner. Also, come up with a solution to each possible problem in the triangle relationship, which will definitely save you a lot of possible drama in the upcoming days.

Aside from having a threesome with a friend, you can also choose to meet someone that you don’t know. Going online would be a much more effective way than searching the third one in a bar. However, before making the offer, make sure that you have a basic understanding of your third way partner. Not only about his or her personality, but also the preferences and dislikes when it comes to bedroom joy. Because you would not to end up laying in the same bed with someone who has completely different taste than you. 

Last but not least, make sure all members get a STD test before you regret. Always keep in mind that health is more important than fun.