Ways to Know New Friends After College

After I graduated from the college, I found knowing new friends are harder and harder. On the one hand, I don’t have regular people to see as in the college, I will see my classmated everyday. My classmates may recommend some strangers they are familiar with to me. On the other hand, I can’t make sure if the stranger I know in the society can be a good person. After graduation, I found things went difficulty than I thought in school. So, I don’t want to take a risk to know a person who may be a potential threaten to me.  So I am very confused of making new and good friends. I turn to my old sister Janna and want to see if she has some good advice for me. Anf she gives me teo important suggestions. Today, I will share the two tips and hope they can be a little help for people especially for our girls. 

  The first way is to use online dating apps. With the development of online social apps, some dating apps or hookup apps are hit in the market. Even if we don’t use these kind of apps, we will know some famous apps. Like me, when I was in college, my roommate told me she had a one night hookup with a boy known in a well-known hookup dating app. But at that time, I am afaid of being said that I was not like a student for using the apps. But after work, I found many coworker were using these hookup apps, also. I asked two coworkers the reason they used these hook up apps. One tole me she was just bored and she wanted to find someone to chat with and if she was luckily enough, she may find her Mr.right in the app. Another one told me he just wanted hookups because he didn’t have a girlfriend and he was not ready to be in a serious relationship. This ways could be effective and also, if he found someone who was really nice, he may consider being her boyfriend. Then, I registered an account in a app and this app focuses more in soul than good lookings which was good for me. I just used it for three days, Not many special feelings. But, being a user in some dating apps is a way to broaden your life circle. You are more likely to chat with people who have the same interests as you with no worries. This way deserves a try.

 The second tip is to taka part in the club you like. For example, climbing club or hiking club. If you just like eating or drinking, you can also join the related clubs. This is not joking. On the one hand, you can know many people who have the same intereste as you. Generally speaking, people are more likely to be attracted by the person who is similar to ourselves. On the other hand, you can develop your interests further. 

 The two important tips are from my old sister who has rich experience in finding boyfriend. Hope I can find new friends quickily.