Why do women like dating big and handsome men?

To be honest, it's hard to cater to all tastes. Some black BBW women like thin men, but some women prefer big and handsome men. If you are a black bbw woman, BHM man or their admirer, you can know what BHM means. BHM is short for big and handsome man. That is to say, BHM stands for fat men or plus size men. Do you know why some women like BHM men? Check the tips below to find out why.

Hugs are comfortable

It's comfortable to be hugged by a curvy man. Many women think men feel safe. If you're a BHM fan, you know the feeling. But some people may ask, winter is a bug, but what's it like to embrace BHM in summer? BHM is really hot. BHM knows they are human radiators, so they understand that we must love them from afar until the air conditioning starts.

BHM and BBW have the same topic

For tall and beautiful women, they will be happy to find chubby BHM as a life partner. Because they have the same topics and interests, such as food, sports, travel and so on. If you are a curvy woman, you will find your fat man more interested in you.

BHM men are good at cooking

Most BHM men can cook and love to cook. If you go out with a chubby man, you will taste many different kinds of food. Because, they are interested in delicious food. Many cooks are BHM. They want to develop the size of their stomachs and they are satisfied with such delicious, potluck dishes.

BHM are better than athletes

In fact, not all women like sporty or thin men. There are many women who like a curvy and supple man. Chubby men are usually thought to be better, sometimes women just want a good man. He may be fat, but looks don't always matter. Plus size men have more attractive personalities than anything else.

BHM never forces their partner to lose weight

If you are a chubby woman, you will never worry about your plus size man pushing you to lose weight. You can maintain the weight you like. BHM doesn't have much more to say about black BBW women's weight.

Some BHM guys are humorous

Many BHM guys like to tell jokes to their girlfriends. They are more likely to be happy than thin or athlete people. If you are with them, you will feel happy and relaxed. Others think they should date a thin, conventionally attractive woman. just as preschoolers think they deserve a football participation award.

BHM men are more patient 

If you go to a clothing store, you can go with your chubby man. He is patient and understands when you complain about not finding the right clothes. Sometimes, BHM men can help BBH girls find the right clothing store and choose the most suitable clothes.

As mentioned above, many women, especially the most beautiful ones, prefer to date BHM. If you're a BHM fan, you can find your perfect BHM mate by logging on to the best black bbw dating app.